Monday, October 29, 2012

Let's Start a Revvvolution!

I did not have a lot of time to do my nails this weekend. I had a bunch of grading and planning to I, for my craft project, spent my free time making tactile materials on tissues for my blind student. I have never had a blind or visually impaired student this is new for me. Since science is hung on observations, many of them visual, I wanted this student to have materials to help with understanding. Good news is...they worked really well, and the student was able to read the make-shift dried glue braille that I put on the cards. Plus, I'm pretty sure I've memorized the majority of the braille alphabet lol. 

Anywho...back to nail art: I recently purchased my first color club polish. It is a color that I had seen on some other blogs and youtube videos...and I wanted to try it. The color is "Revvvolution," and it is a gunmetal/charcoal gray holographic polish. It applied beautifully, and the thing that set it apart from the other brands I own is that I only had to apply one coat! Now, that being said, I am not sure if this is exclusive to this color or if it is a characteristic of all color club polishes across the board. As I said before, this is my first polish from this brand. We shall see...

 You may notice my nails are a bit shorter...I had a crack in one of my nails that I was tired of patching. Plus...they had gotten long enough that I had to alter the way I type.

Keep in mind that this is only ONE coat!!! I'm pretty pumped...obviously lol.

You can see the holo best in this one...but it is better in the sunlight.

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