Sunday, September 30, 2012

Back to School / Work lol

LOVE this design. Ok, so I am a high school teacher, as I said in my first post. I developed my love for nail art over this past summer, so I was really excited to come up with a design for the first day of school. This is what I came up with. This design was a huge hit with my students as well as my friends and family.

Starting from the thumb: Apple done with "French Rose" (Rimmel), "Red Red" (Wet n Wild), "French White" (Rimmel), and I can't remember what I used for the stem and leaf; Ruler is with "Elegant" (Revlon) and a black striper by Milani; Loose leaf paper is "Moonlight" (China Glaze), "Blue Slate" (Revlon) mixed with white, and "Blossom" by Avon; A+ is done with "Moonlight" and "Red Red"; Pencil was done with "Sunshine" (Avon), "Sunny Side Up" (Wet n Wild), "Blossom", "Hazy" (Revlon), and "Gunmetal" (Avon). 

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