Saturday, September 29, 2012

Some Simple Manis

This is my first post on my first blog, and I'm pretty excited. I am a high school science teacher, which takes up the majority of my time, but over the past year I have developed an obsession with nail art. Its has become my creative outlet. :)

So, I want to start off with some of the more simple manicures that I have done on my friends and family. In my next post I will show the designs I have done on myself.

This is a manicure that I did for one of my co-workers. It is a blue gradient. The lighter blue is "I need a refresh-mint" (Wet n Wild) and the darker is "Midnight" (Revlon). The design is topped with "fairy dust" (China Glaze).

Another co-worker mani...she loves daisies, so I translated that into her design. Base is "Candy-licious" (Wet n Wild) and the flowers are done with "Quick Canary" (Sally Hansen) and "French White" (Rimmel London). Not sure if you can see it all that well, but the position of the flower on each nail varies...I think that made it look a bit more it removed the need for perfection. If I made a little mistake on where I wanted a petal to go, it didn't really matter. That was helpful since it was one of the first manis I did for someone else.

I did this design on my aunt. She likes clean, simple, but elegant designs, so this was a good one for her. The base is "Pink Power" (Avon) and the flower accents are done with "Candy-licious" and "French White." I really like how this one came out :)

This was one one of my dear friends. I did this for her days before she gave birth to her baby she went into the hospital with cute nails lol. Another gradient...done with "Disturbia" (Wet n Wild) and "Starry Sky" (Avon).

Ok. Now this one I did for my sister. <3 The theme is vanilla ice cream with chocolate syrup and sprinkles. I think it came out  cool. The white is "moonlight" (China Glaze). This color worked well because it's not a pure's more translucent and milder. "Forbidden Fudge" (Avon) is the chocolate syrup and the sprinkles are done with "Candy-licious,"  "Sunny Side Up" (Wet n Wild), "Red Red" (Wet n Wild), "Sassy" (Revlon), and "Sunshine" (Avon). 

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