Sunday, September 30, 2012

Preliminary Water Marble

Here are some of my first water marble designs. These are actually in chronological order. I had seen a lot of water marble designs (both pictures and videos) and was always nervous to try it, but now that I have...I love it :)

This was my first ever water marble... I like it because it sort of looks like tie I like how purple and green look together. Base is "Moonlight" (China Glaze) and marble design is done with "Posh" (Revlon) and "Fuchsia" (Maybelline)...Since doing this water marble, I have found other colors and brands that work better. Even though I think this design came out pretty great, especially for my first attempt, I did have a lot of mess ups in the water that didn't end up on my nails. The polish would dry too fast and sometimes it would be a hot mess...but now I know.

This was my second attempt, and even though it looks like a whole lot of yellow with the flash, there is some green in there too (although you can only tell on the thumb). The colors are "Sunshine" (Avon), "Jade" (Avon), and "Orchid Splash" (Avon). Everyone always talks about China Glaze when it comes to marbling designs, and I have found that it is for good reason. CG does work really well in the water, but I think that Avon is diamond in the rough (Aladdin reference...yeah that just happened) when it comes to marbling. The polish spreads really well and doesn't dry insanely fast so you have time to do some intricate designs using these polishes. 

Another Avon marble <3 Got the idea for this design from My Simple Pleasures when she did a "bumble bee" design. I kind of went for the dessert vibe: strawberry ice cream with chocolate drizzle. The pink is "Pink Power" (Avon) and the brown is "Forbidden Fudge" (Avon). 

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