Sunday, September 30, 2012

Fake Nail Practice

Sometimes, if I don't have time to redo my nails and wait for them to dry, I practice on fake nails. These are some of the sets that I have come up with.

Balloons on a white background

Ok. So as a science teacher, I couldn't resist having some science designs. This is inspired by an electrocardiogram.

As I said, couldn't resist. This was inspired by a shirt I bought. (Periodic Table...spells out "science") Disclaimer for all those who are science nerds like me: I know that there is no elememt with the symbol "E" on the periodic table (which is why the atomic number is listed as 0)...but that doesn't mean there won't be one day :)

Pikachu! I used to play this game on gameboy back in the day when there were only 3: red/yellow/blue.

My sister is an incredibly talented artist, and in a pottery class, she made a pacman sculpture....then she gave it to me :) which was obviously exciting for me lol. That piece of pottery that she made inspired this design.

After seeing Avengers this summer I couldn't help myself. From left: Avengers A, The Hulk, Ironman, Thor hammer/lightning, black widow, and Captain America shield.

 These were inspired by the 2012 Summer Olympics in London. I was obviously rooting for the USA. :) Regardless of who wins, though, I love the idea of the world getting together to celebrate athletics, teamwork, hard work, and respect among all countries of the world.

 This is probably my favorite set ever! I am a huge fan of musical theater...and every so often I come across a musical that I become obsessed with....a few years ago, it was Phantom of the Opera by ALW. From top left: title of the show, playbill mask, stage and spotlights, piano, rose, phantom mask, masquerade mask, chandelier, musical note, and candle. I am really proud of how this one came out :)

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